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iCoat Medical establishes a clinical hub at Medicon Village in Lund

In preparation of its upcoming First In Human trial, iCoat Medical has established a clinical hub in Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden. The new office will together with Skånes Universitetssjukhus Malmö, be the center point for the company’s clinical trials.

“This marks an important milestone for iCoat Medical. The team, together with our colleagues at Skånes Universitetssjukhus Malmö, Forum Söder and CTC Clinical Trial Consultants, have worked hard over the recent months in preparing for the First in Human trial. The clinical hub will be most valuable for clinical studies, and we are now well prepared for the First In Human study.” says iCoat Medical CEO Peder Waern.

About Medicon Village:

Medicon Village is a Life Science – oriented science park – a cluster with a concentration of competencies where the resultant synergies enable companies to develop faster than if they were working by themselves. Medicon Village provides an open, innovation-rich environment that actively promotes wide-ranging cooperation between researchers and between large and small companies.

Medicon Village is part of a unique cluster of life science research and development capability, together with actors such as the European Spallation Source (ESS), the BioMedical Centre (BMC) at Lund University and the Max IV Laboratory.