The purpose of tum012

In kidney and other solid organ transplantations, the deprivation of oxygen supply to the organs (ischemia) occurs inevitably and starts already in the deceased-donors after either brain death or cardiac arrest. During donor surgery, ischemia is further induced by organ removal and aggravated by organ storage that can last for a considerable amount of time. During these critical events, ischemia damages donor organs and changes their nature in a way that makes them more recognizable to the patient´s immune system, ultimately resulting in an early and severe inflammation during and after the transplantation. This causality is one of the most important risk factors for impaired organ function as well as reduced long-term survival. 

a novel treatment for increased organ availability

iCoat Medical has developed an innovative treatment called TUM012 that has the potential to optimize the condition of donor organs prior to transplantation by making them less recognizable for the immune system of the patient. In extensive pre-clinical transplant studies, this immunological camouflage minimized ischemia-related inflammation and considerably improved the function of the donor kidneys exposed to ischemia. For clinical transplantation, the novel treatment TUM012 can potentially maximize the safety margin of extended deceased-donor utilization and ultimately increase the organ availability.