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During late 1990’s, Marianne Jensen Waern worked at the Swedish University of Agricultural Science in Uppsala on a project to prevent pneumonia among foals. She came into contact with Kristina Nilsson Ekdahl and Bo Nilsson at Uppsala University, and a close collaboration on immunity ensued. The innate immune system is necessary for our survival. Kristina and Bo have spent decades on researching this part of the immune system. This research has resulted in important findings concerning so called thromboinflammation and how the immune system is activated in connection to transplantations among other things. In 2010 Yuji Teramura became guest Professor at Uppsala University. In his research, Yuji managed to create a product that can protect cells from thromboinflammation.

Through combined efforts, the scientists at the time wanted to research whole organs. In 2012, surgeon Alireza Biglarnia carried out a proof-of-concept study on iCM012 in pigs with promising results. Significant grants then made it possible to deepen research regarding iCM012 and methods to tackle thromboinflammation were developed. In 2018, the company iCoat Medical was founded with the goal of improving outcomes of kidney transplants. Since start the company has grown and added several engaged doctors and scientists and other staff. Initial results from the ongoing First In Human-study are expected during the second half of 2022.


Vast research on the innate immune system.


First prototype of the future product iCM012 is developed to protect cells.


Proof of Concept for iCM012 is established for pigs


Several studies are carried out on kidney transplants in pigs.


Safety studies are successfully carried out in rodents and iCoat Medical AB is founded.


Patent application is filed for iCM012.


Patent application is filed for iCM020.


The company’s First In Human study is initiated and in parallel preclinical studies begin on heart transplants in pigs.