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Global transplantation market

Transplantion of organs is a proven method of treatment. There are an estimated 300 transplant clinics in Europe and approximately 250 in the US. For certain patients, transplantation is the only option for survival and for the vast majority, a transplant leads to a better and healthier life. The society also benefits greatly since transplantation is much more cost effective compared to other treatments.

Globally, 105,000 organ transplants were carried out in 2021 according to Global Observatory on Donation and Transplantation. This is a significant decrease compared to last year since surgery have been postponed due to the covid pandemic. Longer term, the market for transplants has increased substantially and the number of transplants has increased by an average 4.4% per year during the past 20 years. The number of patients that await a transplant has doubled during the past 10 years and currently only 10% of the global transplant needs can be met. The lack of available organs is growing due to a number of factors: the population is getting older, more people suffer from organ failure and demands on healthcare are increasing.

Total number of transplants year 2021