The kidney transplant market

Significant demand, low supply

More than 75 000 kidneys were transplanted globally in 2018. However, despite this significant number, the demand for viable kidneys continues to remain much larger than the number of available organs. An ever-increasingly complex landscape of donors and connected criteria and legislations causes significant complications for kidney transplants.

Ischemia-reperfusion injuries are prevalent

Approximately 60-70% of kidneys that are transplanted come from dead donors and these kidneys are heavily affected by ischemia-reperfusion injuries, which is an injury that always occurs during kidney transplantation. These injuries are a great problem and subject to much attention in the field of transplantation.

A solution for the organ deficiency

At iCoat Medical, we are well-aware of the significant deficit of available organs for patients in need. Our goal is to help all these patients and for a long period of time, iCoat Medical has been developing pharmaceutical drug candidates that aims to improve the outcome of kidney transplants by reducing the ischemia-reperfusion damage and improve the graft function.

TUM012 protects the transplanted kidney

iCoat Medical has, in several large animal studies, shown that our lead candidate TUM012 can protect the kidney from ischemia-reperfusion injuries. The kidney transplant market is growing rapidly at an estimate of 4-7% in EU15 and the U.S., with the dead donor segment being the primary growth driver. TUM012 has the potential to help all these patients and at the same time, significantly reduce the health care costs for all countries. Everyone will benefit from TUM012!