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  • Two co-founders and one advisor to iCoat Medical have made a new invention linked to iCoat Medical’s focus area ischemia reperfusion injury.
  • The invention is centered around a new use of PEG-phospholipid molecules and the International application was filed in March.
  • The invention and connected IP is expected to continue iCoat Medical’s pioneering research and development within ischemia reperfusion injury and expand the company’s pipeline.

Stockholm, March 22nd, 2023 – iCoat Medical AB (publ.) (“iCoat”), a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics targeting the innate immune system, today announces that it has expanded its IP portfolio via a new International application. 
Ischemia reperfusion (IR) injury is an inevitable and harmful event during the process of organ transplantation that can trigger an injurious early inflammation deteriorating both the short and the long-term transplant outcomes. This initial inflammation occurs because of a direct interaction between injured cells of the kidney allograft and the recipient’s immune system. iCoat Medical is systematically working to advance and expands its IP portfolio in order to build an even stronger technology platform.
“Having successfully filed another International application, we see continued progress in our ambition to be a leading scientific pharmaceutical company working with innate immunity and with a particular focus on ischemia reperfusion injuries. This is another important milestone for iCoat Medical’s RnD ambitions and we look forward to continue expanding our IP assets” says Peder Waern, CEO of iCoat Medical.
For further information, please contact:
Peder Waern, CEO – iCoat Medical AB