Management team

Peder Waern


  • Co-founder of iCoat Medical
  • Strategy, Accenture
  • M&A, Sdiptech
  • Consulting, EY
  • +10 years experience in management

Mattias Springare

CFO & Head of investor relations, MSc

  • +15 years as CFO
  • +15 years in the finance industry
  • +5 years as auditor

David Berglund

Strategy and business development, MD, PhD, Ass. Professor, MBA

  • Founder and deputy CEO ITB-MED
  • +10 years in Life Science industry
Alireza Biglarnia

CMO, MD, PhD, FEBS, Ass. Professor

  • Co-founder of iCoat Medical
  • Medical Director, SUH
  • +20 years in medicine

Marianne Jensen Waern

CSO, DVM, PhD, Professor

  • Co-founder of iCoat Medical
  • Professor in comparative medicine and specialist in porcine medicine
  • +40 years in medicine

Yuji Teramura

Head of Chemistry, PhD, Ass. Professor and expert in polymer chemistry

  • Co-founder of iCoat Medical
  • Ass. Professor, Tokyo University
  • +20 years in CMC

Christer Säfholm

Head of Toxicology, DVM, PhD,

  • Former head of Toxicology – AstraZeneca
  • Former Department head, KI
  • +40 years in medicine
Kristina Nilsson Ekdahl

Head of analysis, PhD, Professor in immunology

  • Co-founder of iCoat Medical
  • +35 years experience in development and validation of assays of human biological specimens
Ingegerd Dalfelt

Director – Clinical trials, SRN, BSc

  • +30 years in clinical trials management
  • +20 years in medicine (nursing)
Bo Nilsson

CTO, MD, PhD, Professor

  • Co-founder of iCoat Medical
  • Professor in clinical innate immunity and specialist in thrombo-inflammation
  • +40 years in medicine